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There are no laws about the minimum age of a babysitter, but it’s sensible to choose someone aged 16 or older.

Anyone younger than this may not be responsible enough to handle an emergency.

It doesn’t matter how many companies jump in, how technically competent their VR goggles might be, nor even if they can figure out a way that wearing them doesn’t make your face melt off and slide down your neck – VR gaming will never be more than a niche interest, and a lot of money is about to get wasted. A massively expensive peripheral that the vast, vast majority of potential gaming customers won’t ever buy.

People like TV like TV, they like game controllers like game controllers, and they like videogames like videogames.

The first time you have a go on VR goggles you likely have a moment of excitement – a moment of realising that if you look to the left, you see what’s happening to the left in the game.

And without a considerable customer base, any games created needing goggles to be played is never going to see the sales to justify the development. £130 at launch, with Microsoft spending half a billion dollars on advertising, and… Sure, they sold a ton of them, but not nearly enough to make it worth a developer’s time to switch their big franchise over to the device.

Given the choice, the sensible film watcher recognises that the film was designed and intended for 2D, so sees it in 2D.

And game players will get savvy to this too – they’ll realise that if a game works fine on a monitor or TV screen, then the VR version can’t be much more special.

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