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This skill is really a life saver when used wisely.

As noted earlier, the Hammer is a weapon that supports defensive gameplay.

Meanwhile, Alvin continues his crusade to stop Taliek's execution and asks Nick for help.

Season 3, Episode 21April 27, 2004Nick handles his last two cases at LSP, both involving troubled boys. Season 3, Episode 20April 20, 2004Nick votes against allowing a colleague to become a partner, and his decision is complicated by the fact that the candidate and Burton have been dating. Meanwhile, a judge orders Alvin to turn over confidential files to assist in a serial-murder case. Meanwhile, Burton and Jake have a heart-to-heart regarding Jake's future at the firm during a morale-boosting weekend workshop.

Meanwhile, Nick represents a boy who wants to live with his estranged dad after he discovers his mother kissing his friend. Season 3, Episode 14February 10, 2004After Lulu informs Nick that their unborn child has Down syndrome, Alvin assigns Nick to a probate case involving a young man with the same condition. Meanwhile, Nick tries, as part of his recovery, to apologize to those he wronged while addicted.

Season 3, Episode 15February 17, 2004Jake (Raphael Sbarge) is assaulted during a homosexual liaison and, out of embarrassment, tells everyone he's been mugged. Season 3, Episode 13January 24, 2004Nick represents a bus driver (Brent Jennings) who could be responsible for negligent homicide following an accident that caused fatalities. Season 3, Episode 12January 13, 2004After Lulu leaves Nick, he takes a hallucinogenic drug, which plunges him into a fantasy, leaving coworkers at both law services angry over his absence.

Meanwhile, Burton confronts the man whom he and Nick assaulted.

Season 3, Episode 1September 23, 2003Nick deals with the aftermath of Taliek's shooting of James and handles a custody case involving a boy whose mother works at a traveling carnival.

Shield of the Avenger also applies aegis to party members making it even better.

A young legal shark works in his father's high-powered firm and at a child-advocacy center. Meanwhile at Fallin & Fallin, Jake attempts to have Nick ousted from the firm. Meanwhile, Nick represents a troubled teen in a placement case.

But the latter isn't exactly pro-bono work: it's part of a drug sentence. Season 3, Episode 22May 4, 2004Nick takes a job at a competing law firm after getting booted from Fallin & Fallin; Lulu gives birth to a girl and decides to step down as manager of LSP. Also, after hearing that Taliek could get the death penalty for killing James, Alvin decides to represent him.

Together with the Symbolic Avenger trait, the Hammer deals 65% more damage as your enemies will always stay in your symbols, while healing your allies and granting them protection.

It 8767 s the safest and best choice for raids if you don 8767 t already have somebody else maintaining protection.

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In fact guardian healing is by far the most powerful in the game if one specs for it, assuming tons of people don 8767 t blow all their blast finishers on a water field.

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