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When Chalfant threatened to hire an attorney, yet another member of the “removal department,” named Ashley, told him he had “no legal recourse.” “You can either waste time and money filing a court claim that is sure to go unsatisfied, or you can pay the fee to have it all removed,” she wrote.

“My first thought was, ‘What’s the legality of this? “I just don’t see how that’s legal.” An Internet search of “Bait My Mate” brings up dozens of private Facebook conversations similar to Chalfant’s that were posted by the site.

While the Department of Justice said they are unable to comment on specific cases, federal law on interstate communication prohibits threatening a person’s reputation with the intent to extort money. Chalfant sought the help of a local attorney, who was able to trace the site’s host IP address to Panama.

The domain name is registered through Florida-based Moniker Online Services.

A man named “Steven” told Chalfant in an email that the woman he chatted with is an employee of Bait My Mate.

“Someone hired us to see how you would respond to flirtatious advances from a specific woman who is on our payroll,” Steven wrote, despite the fact that Chalfant was the one who messaged the girl first.

It included his photo, his real name, his city, and his phone number.

According to the FBI's Computer Crimes Complaint Center in Washington, D.

C., several people claim they have been extorted by the site Bait My

The ordeal began in June, when Chalfant messaged a user who purported to be a beautiful 20-something with auburn hair.

She replied that she no longer wished to keep her account on the dating site and asked Chalfant to add her as a friend on Facebook.

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“Please let me know if you would like this all removed.

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