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As more internet-capable home appliances with built-in cameras, microphones and sensors replace legacy appliances, the potential for exploitable security flaws that might be used for incredibly invasive privacy violations dramatically increases. The latest such finding comes via an examination conducted by researchers at Tel Aviv-based security firm Check Point Software into South Korean multinational firm LG's Smart Thin Q range of connected devices.

These include washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners that can be controlled via a web application.

Note that the Moon at times can be so bright that night almost looks like day. It is an amazing 190 kilometres away on the border with Argentina.To its credit, LG had built-in protections to try to blunt any such code autopsies.The Smart Thin Q application was designed to stop running if it detected it was running on a "rooted" Android phone, referring to any device that's been modified by a third party who wants to gain high-level access to the innards of its operating system.The live webcam offers high-resolution views of the Chajnantor plateau, located at 5000 meters above sea level in the Atacama Desert in Chile.Here several antennas that take part of ALMA as well as APEX can be seen pointing to the sky. During the day the webcam shows the last frame before sunrise.

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