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When it comes to make-up, remember that less is more, but do not restrain from cat-like, smokey eyes or red lips.Promoters selling tickets for Soho-based Cirque le Soir - which Drake, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have all frequented - sent a list of rules to hopeful clubbers via Facebook and Whatsapp.The club's official website doesn't feature a dress code but Lux Guestlist's page is the first to appear on Google search for the club's dress code.Last year, promoters for the same club told punters 'do not bring any big/fat girls/guys' to the venue.

This weekend I’m meeting two of my closest friends in wine country for a girls weekend. We have a specialty wine tour booked for most of Saturday and dinner reservations at a fancy French restaurant for Saturday night. It was exhausting but I’ll occasionally make the sacrifice so that they can always cherish the fun childhood memories with their friends. On Thursday, I sent Dr Russia a text telling him I was available Tuesday night or Thursday night. I sat on that for a day, not sure it warranted a response. But I wanted to do my part in keeping up communications so yesterday I replied, “It’s on my calendar. He didn’t reply until 18 hours later to say he’d take Uber. I wasn’t too happy when he didn’t text until last night.

He said one of his coworkers is leaving so he automatically has double the work. Everything would be different, wonderful, and technicolor. I haven’t heard a peep from either of them since Thursday or Friday and I’m pretty bent out of shape about it. I never texted High Roller back and now I feel bad. I have tonight free and considered offering my free evening to him or to the new Tinder guy, but the thought of spending time with myself is even more appealing. It’s very sweet of them, and it would be awesome if 1) I was available that night (I’ll have my kids), and 2) They were guys I’m actually attracted to and interested in dating. and it played out in popular movies and imagery in music videos. At one point, he admired my metallic dark green nail polish; I told him he should see my toenails.

And he said he has a tendency to hyper-focus when he’s busy at work and not balance himself socially. Or was it just one-sided because he was incapable of serious? I matched with a cute guy on Tinder yesterday that is refreshingly honest and transparent. I told him one movie in particular, , specifically piqued my interest. He said, “I’m incredibly attracted to you.” I told him I was attracted to him, too. I’ll walk with you there then I’ll catch an Uber home.” He seemed hesitant to leave, but he also seemed concerned about getting back to the east bay so that he wouldn’t miss teaching his 9 am class.

One promoter from an external promotions company said a group of ten would be charged three quarters of the entry fee because 'one girl is not so good' after a clubber sent him a picture.

I told him not to bother if he’ll be spending more time on the train than we’d spend together. Bonus is that we’ll be able to have a sleepover see each other on Thanksgiving morning. pretty difficult considering there was no internet and my small suburban library only had Russian to English and English to Russian dictionaries.

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He said he’ll do much better (adding, in his words, “it’ll be good for me”) and that he’s been thinking a lot about me. He asked to speak on the phone last night – always a bonus – but he wasn’t available until 11. He said, “I haven’t seen that movie.” I responded, jokingly, “Of course you haven’t. Before we knew it, it was and I asked him what time the last BART train left. As we stood in front of the bar deciding in which direction to head for the transit station, he kissed me. He asked, a little hesitantly as if he were overstepping his boundaries, “Do you mind if I come home with you? Dr Russia seemed ready and capable of having intercourse. As I watched him get dressed, I admired his adorable clothes.

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  1. Ridership had dropped to 1910s levels, and graffiti and crime were rampant on the subway; in general, the subway was very poorly maintained during that time, and delays and track problems were common.