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I checked on Wikipedia because I'd always been confused on what cousins were considered what. One I haven't seen in over a decade and live 1500 miles away.

I actually did have a crush on one of them for a awhile growing up but I'm pretty sure I'm over that one by now.

It's far more disgusting to hit up someone in the hospital for money, than to get intimate with someone that far away from you in the family tree.

I don't even know who most of my second cousins are. (I'd find it a bit weird to date any of the ones I do know, especially since most of them are significantly older or younger than I am, but second cousin really isn't all that close a relationship.) Of course, it sounds like dating this specific person would be a bad idea regardless of the relationship, but that's a different issue altogether.

She was super-shy except when in competition but I doubt I would have ever turned that down if it came up.

My father did her mother many times according to what my mother said and they were first cousins.

If it wasn't the Ps & the Ss, then some other Jewish sects differed over it.

Maybe it was the Hillel Pharisees vs the Shammai Pharisees.

My brother is living with our second cousin and they are in a sexual relationship.To me a male cousin is like a brother, and I can't understand feeling any sort of attraction to someone that close. I am the same way- I call my cousins my brother and sister from another mother all the time (the sister part needs work), but we grew up together like 2 houses from each other as kids, so thats a major part of it.A first cousin I might be a bit grossed out - they share the same grandparents, for gosh's sake! I know 3rd Cousins are distant enough apart that it's not really a problem for genetics or such things, but 2nd cousin's kinda skimming off the top- but :shrug: to each their own I suppose. Four of them are females and three of them are truly hot.Her dad died years ago, and her mom moved across the country to get away from the manipulation. If she's that manipulative, do you think that's possibly it, he's just being played? I'm presuming the conversation went something like "So I'm in love with Cousin, she's great and we're moving in together." and "OMG, eww, are you fuckin' kidding me? He's not argumentative about it or an in your face type of person, either. I know that it's not illegal - he was quick to point that out to mom when this first started.Her siblings will have nothing to do with her, and were the ones to help their mom move away. I really wish I could understand the attraction, or why my brother thinks this isn't gross. It just seems wrong on a deeper level that I can't quite explain. Maybe if you liked your second cousin you wouldn't be so against it.

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  1. For instance, family is much more valuable for an American or a German than for a Ukrainian or a Russian man and this factor determines the choice of the women.