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Multiple discs can be loaded simultaneously from Emulation Station into Retro Arch by creating an M3U file (plain-text, ".m3u" extension).In it's contents, enter the filenames of the CUE/TOC/CCD files one per line.In game you can then swap disks from the core disk options menu (under Options). Example for Metal Gear Solid: Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 1)Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 1).Make sure to cycle tray status before attempting to change disks. Replace the extension you reference them in the M3U with appropriate ones (. CD1 (this is the renamed file) Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 2)Metal Gear Solid (E) (Disc 2).It should be noted that this compression comes at a minor cost to load speed, but the difference is mostly negligible.On sites like Game FAQs you can find many save files for Play Station games, these are either disk images of peoples' memory cards or hacked memory cards with a save file that gets you to a certain point in the game or gives you a character with many levels/gold/items, however the game works.These are traditionally used to play Play Station 1 games on the PSP.This is a streamlined, single file alternative for playing multi-disc Play Station games on Retro Pie.

To do this, change 'Disk Index' to 'No Disk' first.

Once this is completed, restart the game, and multiplayer options should become available.

Create game options file will create a game specific core options file located at: lr-pcsc-rearmed controller type can be changed in-game and in a configuration file to support games that require the analog/dualshock controller type.

The 'speed hack' option is required for good results, but has some (sometimes game-breaking) visual glitches.

To enable this, edit the The latest version of lr-pcsx-rearmed has the ability to emulate up to two Multitaps, allowing 3-8 player support in games that permit it. However, just as with the original hardware, many games do not support the multitap and will not recognise inputs with it turned on, so it is recommended to only enable multitaps for games that support it, via the 'Game Specific Options' retroarch functionality which allows you to create core options files for specific games.

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