Jon gosselin dating octomom

Absolutely nothing wrong.” Despite the spate of "concern" over her ability to care for her babies - especially after she kicked out the "helper" spying nannies sent by Gloria Allred - there has not been a single allegation of abuse or neglect of the children of this most vilified mother....which is not to be misconstrued as either I - or Nadya herself - recommending anyone follow in her footsteps.

What a disappointment she must be - so far - to all those who are just waiting to pounce and say "I told you so!

The producers of Cheaters report that Nadya had an "insatiable desire to spend time with Jon and put their families together," and that in turn, they brainstormed a show entitled Jon Minus Kate = Jon Octomom. The Hollywood Gossip celebrated the return of its Caption Contest yesterday. Naturally, Fox will do the honors of presenting this watershed moment in child exploitation.

Nadya Suleman, AKA the Octomom, has found a new boyfriend.Suleman said after having 8-kids that she was going to stay celibate until all of her children were 18.Suleman said: Suleman may be celibate but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t exploring her sexuality.Gee, can't imagine why the average viewer might be struggling to connect with a mom who flies across the country to get her nails done...Earlier, Jon skied at Park City, sans family, talking about how much he likes being alone... US Weekly is reporting that while Gosselin was skiing (and missing his wife's birthday), 23-year-old Deanna Hummel, who he is reported to have had an affair with, was also in Utah at a Spring Gruv party.

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