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Note that depending on your carrier, this option may be enabled by default.The process of enabling Face Time on the i Phone uses hidden SMS messages to register your phone number with the Face Time network, and depending on your carrier, these SMS messages will either be free or disclosed as charged against your SMS plan.To enable Face Time on the i Phone, simply go into your i Phone Settings app and choose the Phone settings.An option appears below your phone number to toggle Face Time on or off.Setting up Face Time on the i Phone is as easy as it gets.

Changing your SIM card will automatically cause your i Phone to re-register the new phone number on the Face Time network.

On initial setup, the i Phone 4 transmits an SMS message to Apple’s Face Time servers and then awaits a confirmation message back to confirm that the phone number has successfully been registered for Face Time.

A “Waiting for Activation” message will appear below the Face Time option while this process completes.

If you do not have a cellular plan or SMS is not enabled for your account, you will not be able to enable Face Time on your i Phone.

In light of the addition of non-i Phone devices to the Face Time network, and the eventual desire of users to continue using their i Phones on Wi-Fi networks after discontinuing their cellular service plans, it will be interesting to see whether Apple provides an option for registration of these devices—most likely using Apple IDs.

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