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Confessions is a moving snapshot of life in a Rocky Horror cast that captures the grit, language and teenage angst of a group of fishnet-clad performers as they explore a world where the only rule Confessions of a Transylvanian is a one-of-a-kind, backstage look at the greatest cult movie phenomenon of all time-the live Rocky Horror Picture Show-told by those who lived it.

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After a calamitous falling out, they travel the bumpy road toward a true appreciation for one another -- aided along the way by the grandmother they never knew they had.

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“We got married in Portugal,” says Ruah, who is of Portuguese-Jewish ancestry on her father’s side and of Portuguese, Russian and Ukranian Jewish heritage on her mother’s. Dave’s father was ordained, and my father isn’t a rabbi but you just have to have a minyan, ten men, to make it valid.

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"Usually in engagement photos the couple are hugging and kissing," concedes Jessa. they're holding hands."6 The first kiss occurs at the altar Waiting ensures "there's no regrets," Michelle, 48, says.

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In this session, we’ll explore how schools in the UK are responding to shifting trends and what lessons have universal application. Designed for staff members, managers, and senior leadership, this session focuses on ways to work with intention and with an eye toward constant innovation.

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A date has to be very long to dispel whatever people think about me.” Efron also got candid about his post-teenage stardom downfall, during which he became depressed and battled drug and alcohol abuse.