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The White colored Levi’s were first introduced in 1962.

Pique or “Corduroy” finishing materials were introduced as the 941 series model.

However the popular “indigo finish look” remained throughout the 60’s.

Of all the denim manufacturers of the period, Levi Strauss made the least amount of colored vintage during this generation.

The company still produces these unshrunk, uniquely sized jeans, and they are still Levi's number one selling product.

It was the first jacket to feature the now famous pointed pocket flaps.

Davis did not have the required money to purchase a patent, so he wrote to Strauss suggesting that they go into business together.

After Levi accepted Jacob's offer, on May 20, 1873, the two men received from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Thread used in these jackets was yellow in color compared to the orange thread used in model numbers featured in the late 60’s.

With the introduction of the Trucker Jacket 557XX by Levi in the early 60’s, the familiar design of this jacket featured prominently in the design of Levi Jackets thereafter.

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