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Not only do they build high-tech software to mislead you and trick you but they also hire a staff of people that operate these online profile pages.The staff of has been hired and are trained in the art of deception.A fantasy profile page is a dating profile on that has been fabricated by the staff of the website.These pretend profiles are used like a marketing gimmick.These females did not go through a registration process in order to become a member of Xdating.These profiles have been created to give the appearance that they are registered members. This is a proven fact that can be read on the terms page. The first thing you need to realize is that men are usually the ones looking for one night stands and in the internet age that resulted in the creation of hookup dating sites.Lying to you, deceiving you and saying whatever they want to you is all part of the day working for X Dating.These employees and paid contractors are all disguising themselves and pretending they are legitimate members (when they're not).

Where are you going to get thousands of horny women to register on your hookup site?You end up losing as little as per month or as high as you can imagine.It really depends on how long you keep a monthly subscription on the website.This combined with the fictitious profiles that they create give the website authenticity.It makes it look like you're on a real dating service and if you were reading this review you could easily be taken by the way this site operates. One rule that you should live by is that when you join a dating service and you get e-mail messages immediately then it's a very high chance you just joined a phony dating service.

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